Living in Lake Forest

Lake Forest is a subdivision established in 1991. This highly sought after subdivision features a private park, well maintained common landscaping, and a vibrant sense of community. With about 180 homes, It has many mature trees and its streets wind up and down hills and around the private park. Nestled near the Muskego County Park, it also has three of its own ponds in which you can find neighborhood kids fishing in the Summer. A little free library is located near the park. It is common to see natures creatures that include: turtles, frogs, and deer. It is also the only known sighting of a panda in Muskego!

Home owner association sponsored events include:
– Easter Egg Hunt
– Annual rummage sale
– Subdivision picnic (in the private park)

Additionally residents will organize their own events that include (see pictures):
– once a month one household will volunteer to host a Thank-Goodness-Its-Friday (TGIF) event
– annual subdivision 5k run in the subdivision
– lumiere night

Useful links include:
Deed Restrictions
Facebook Group

  • Muskego Panda!
  • photo credit: Lake Forest Homeowner Association

Lake Forest Home Market Analysis

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